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When is the ideal time to have a baby photoshoot done?


This is a hard question to answer as there are so many times that you want to capture in your new babies life. The first photoshoot is the newborn one. I love this as the baby is so small and within 3 weeks they have gotten so much bigger. The window for getting the tiny baby photos is so small. It is a great time to get artistic shots of the baby I think. That said some people aren’t too bothered about this age since the baby really only sleeps and isn’t able to smile yet. So the first real opportunity for varied photos is once they start smiling and have filled out a little bit at about 3 months. For me though the best shots I got of my daughter Róisín were when she was 8 months old. She was sitting and just about to start crawling so she couldn’t really escape the backdrop and the view of the camera. And it was really easy to get her to smile and laugh. The hardest thing as a photographer is once a baby starts crawling as it is very difficult to just get them to stay where they need to be to get the photos taken – that said, maybe other babies are better behaved than mine!! Here are a few pictures from Róisíns 8 month shoot – she’s 18 months old now and I’m getting teary even looking at how big she has gotten since these were taken. They really do grow up so fast!


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